Markus, 6 months

Recently I had a pleasure to work with a family of a 6-months old boy. He showed amazing results already on the second night.
Please read about their experience from the first hand.

Dear Elena,
I would like to express so many thanks for your help with the sleep of our 6-months old boy!
During our consultation you explained to us how sleep is important for our child and it gave as such a strong motivation to follow the program. Now when we see the results we feel bad that our child was so overtired for a long time. He is completely new person now, more cheerful, calm and playful.
The progress was quicker than we expected, the first night we had to stay with him for 1 hour, but he went back to sleep by himself and woke up in the morning happy. On the second night we heard him 2 times but it was just for a couple of minutes and then he settled down by himself! It was really amazing!
Naps took longer to improve but Elena reassured us that it is normal and we should give time for our son. Now everything is fine, he takes 2 long naps and goes to sleep without protest!
Thank you so much!

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