Frequently asked questions

What is a good age to start with the programme?

It’s never too early. The truth is: if you start teaching your baby good sleep habits from the start, you will most likely never get any sleep problems at all.

I work with families with children of all ages, but the sooner you start, the better!

What makes your programme different?

  • It is clear, simple and easy to follow.
  • It is fully customised for each family. I tell you exactly what is important for your family.
  • It includes great follow-up support during the whole time you implement your new sleep plan.

Will my baby cry?

People tend to be very protective of their sleep environment; we all like things the same every night and we don’t like any surprises, so making a big change to anyone’s current sleep habits will definitely be met with some protest.

So I expect there will be some amount of protest on your child’s part, and typically small children can only express this by crying. However, you’ll never be asked to leave your baby alone to cry if that is not something that feels right for you. And it’s very short term, with huge rewards for everyone in the family at the end of the journey!

Can we continue bed sharing?

Sorry, that would not be possible. Bed sharing can work well for some families, but if it did not work for you, we should make the necessary change.

Can we still share the room?

Yes. In this case it would be helpful to set up a partition or divider of some kind between your and your child’s bed for the first time.

Once you achieved success and your child sleeps well at night, you can remove the divider.

Who needs sleep training?

If your child does not get good quality sleep, and the whole family is suffering from constant night-time wake-ups, you should not wait. The sooner we solve your child’s sleep problem, the better will it be for all of you.