Sleep Champions Success Stories

Paul, 8 months

This time I would like to share with you a story of baby Paul, who turned 8 months last week.

Dear Elena,
thank you for your great support. It was the first time Paul managed to sleep through the night in 7 months. Before he was awake every 40 minutes and the only way to bring him back to sleep was breastfeeding. Because of constant night feeds Paul did not really want to eat during the day and we had no idea how to stop this situation.
After he started to sleep better, he is eating much better during the day, he is really interested to try solid food now and always tries to grab things from our plates. And he is so much more joyful now.

Thank you and good luck with your great job!

Tara, 6 months

And again a 6-months old baby client! Majority of my clients are of this age. Perfect time to solve sleep problems!

We got Elena’s card from our pediatrician and did not hesitate to contact her. It was the best decision!

Tara was soooooo overtired. She was awake every hour during the night. After one hour of awake time in the morning she was tired again. Then she took 3-4 hour nap to compensate for her horrible nights. It was clear for us that something was wrong here but he had no idea what to do.

The work was not easy. Tara got sick in the middle of the programme and was coughing a lot. But even being sick she managed to sleep much better than before. She was awake for 5 minutes to cough but with a bit of cuddling she managed to go back to sleep. In the mrning she was not tired any more and could easily stay up to 3 hours before her 1st nap.

Great job, Elena

Robert, 11 months

My recent client was 11 months. His parents were recommended to contact me by their pediatrician. Here is their story. Enjoy reading.

We have 3 children and we did not expect to have sleep problems with the 3rd child since our first two were really good with sleep. Robert was awake 1-2 times during the night and could not settle without his bottle. Elena’s sleep plan was really perfect for our family. She managed to meet the needs of all family members. I could bring Robert to bed and spend nice evening with my elder kids and my husband.

The progress was a bit slow at the beginning but it was completely my fault. I did not follow Elena’s advice 100%. Every day she called me and explained that like this we will not see great results. After some days I surrended and already after 2 nights the result was amazing. Robert is now sleeping through the night and take 2 restful naps during the day.

Every family situation is different but Elena will definitely manage to create a sleep plan exactly for you. Trust her!

Luna, 5 months

6-months old baby Luna is sleeping soundly through the night since 2 weeks. The family is really proud of her!

We met Elena at her Coffee Hour when Luna was 5 months. She was talking a lot about sleep and we really liked ow professional she sounded and her methods seemed very gentle. It was exactly what we needed since we were really afraid about crying.

I must admit that we were probably Elena’ s most horrible clients. We were doubting all her words and kept annoying her with our constant worries. She stayed really calm and always managed to reassure us that we are doing correct thing.

Luna’s sleep improved very quickly, wake ups reduced dramatically and we could not recognize her during the day. She was happy, smiling a lot and could stay awake for much longer times. It is difficult to imagine that before she was sleeping only 8 hours at night with 4-5 wake ups. Poor girl. Really sad we did not meet Elena before.

Ulian, 6 months

Recently I finished working with a 6 months old baby Ulian. His parents are happy with the results and are ready to share the story.

We were really happy to find a sleep consultant in Luxembourg. We did not know there is one and as soon as we saw Elena’s facebook post we decided to give her a try.

Our son Ulian was sleeping really bad during the night, waking up 3-4 times. I was so tired that in spite of nice summer weather I could not go out. I simply did not have any energy left. My husband could not see me suffering any more and it was actually his decision to hire a Sleep consultant.

Our sleep plan was really clear. But because we were so tired we kept forgetting things and only because of Elena’s constant support we kept doing the right thing. Ulian’s night sleep improved very quickly. Already on the 2nd night he slept through the night!
That was fantastic. Naps were difficult to improve. Before we started the programme Ulian was sleeping only in my arms and we really needed to learn sleeping in his crib.

We value Elena’s follow up support a lot. It was really helpful to hear her reassurance when we had difficult moments.

We highly recommend her!


Markus, 6 months

Recently I had a pleasure to work with a family of a 6-months old boy. He showed amazing results already on the second night.
Please read about their experience from the first hand.

Dear Elena,
I would like to express so many thanks for your help with the sleep of our 6-months old boy!
During our consultation you explained to us how sleep is important for our child and it gave as such a strong motivation to follow the program. Now when we see the results we feel bad that our child was so overtired for a long time. He is completely new person now, more cheerful, calm and playful.
The progress was quicker than we expected, the first night we had to stay with him for 1 hour, but he went back to sleep by himself and woke up in the morning happy. On the second night we heard him 2 times but it was just for a couple of minutes and then he settled down by himself! It was really amazing!
Naps took longer to improve but Elena reassured us that it is normal and we should give time for our son. Now everything is fine, he takes 2 long naps and goes to sleep without protest!
Thank you so much!

David, 8 months

Succes story from my new Sleep Champion David!

He and his family recently finished my programme and are now enjoying their newly found sleep, read here what they have to say about their experience:


“We started working with Elena when our son was 8 1/2 months. He never slept through the night. He used to wake up every 1-2 hours, and we could not calm him down in his crib. I had to breastfeed him or rock him every time. Around 5 in the morning he was crying and getting up in his bed. It was really difficult to calm him down that he at least sleeps a bit more. His naps were really irregular and he was crying a lot before he could settle down. His naps were never more than 1 hour, in most cases he only slept 30 minutes. Sometimes we could not get him to nap at all and of course he was completely overtired. David used to be very easy to irritate, could not sit quietly in his stroller for long.
We were very skeptical to hire a sleep consultant, but our family was suffering too much from lack of sleep, and we decided to give it a try. I was really worrying that David would cry a lot – but I told to myself that as soon as I feel it is damaging for my son, I will stop.
We were really surprised how fast our life changed. On his first night David woke up only once, and he managed to go back to sleep without our intervention. On the second night we did not hear from him till the morning! And it was really not just by chance, he really learned to sleep through the night!
The naps took a bit more effort. Elena helped us a lot to establish a comfortable feed and sleep schedule for David, which helped him a lot.
After David started to get enough sleep he became much calmer and more playful, and everyone around found him more enjoyable to be with.
We never regretted our decision. It was our best investment!”