My name is Elena Werner. As a Certified Sleep Sense™ consultant in Luxembourg, I have undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program created by Dana Obleman in 2003. It has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you get your little one becoming a real Sleep Champion!

How did it all begin?

I never had problems with my sleep. I always loved to sleep and could never imagine waking up several times during the night.

But things changed when my first daughter Diana was born in 2012. At that time I had absolutely no knowledge about baby sleep and simply used to listen to my relatives and friends, and to refer to many internet forums. From this I was convinced that one can do nothing to make the child sleep through the night. The only thing left was to wait for the “magic moment” to come. Diana was a very difficult sleeper and the magic moment came only when she was 2,5 years old. 2,5 years of sleep deprivation for the whole family! Can you imagine how we all used to feel?

My son Boris was born in 2015 and he was an even more difficult sleeper. I waited 9 months and simply could not live like this anymore. I was tired, unmotivated. I was really afraid to go to bed imagining my hourly wake-ups and long lasting attempts to bring my son back to sleep.

I am so happy I have discovered the Sleep Sense™ program! Just a bit sad that I had waited so long and lived my sleep deprived life for another 9 months.

The program worked miracles on our son. I was really on fire about our success and could not wait any longer seeing how other families suffer from sleep deprivation. I got my chance immediately and registered myself for Dana Obleman’s personal consultant training program. Now being a real supporter of the Sleep Sense™ program and having undergone a very comprehensive training directly from Dana Obleman, I possess the very best knowledge and experience to help your little ones to become Sleep Champions!

Simply trust your baby – and me!