Luna, 5 months

6-months old baby Luna is sleeping soundly through the night since 2 weeks. The family is really proud of her!

We met Elena at her Coffee Hour when Luna was 5 months. She was talking a lot about sleep and we really liked ow professional she sounded and her methods seemed very gentle. It was exactly what we needed since we were really afraid about crying.

I must admit that we were probably Elena’ s most horrible clients. We were doubting all her words and kept annoying her with our constant worries. She stayed really calm and always managed to reassure us that we are doing correct thing.

Luna’s sleep improved very quickly, wake ups reduced dramatically and we could not recognize her during the day. She was happy, smiling a lot and could stay awake for much longer times. It is difficult to imagine that before she was sleeping only 8 hours at night with 4-5 wake ups. Poor girl. Really sad we did not meet Elena before.

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