Robert, 11 months

My recent client was 11 months. His parents were recommended to contact me by their pediatrician. Here is their story. Enjoy reading.

We have 3 children and we did not expect to have sleep problems with the 3rd child since our first two were really good with sleep. Robert was awake 1-2 times during the night and could not settle without his bottle. Elena’s sleep plan was really perfect for our family. She managed to meet the needs of all family members. I could bring Robert to bed and spend nice evening with my elder kids and my husband.

The progress was a bit slow at the beginning but it was completely my fault. I did not follow Elena’s advice 100%. Every day she called me and explained that like this we will not see great results. After some days I surrended and already after 2 nights the result was amazing. Robert is now sleeping through the night and take 2 restful naps during the day.

Every family situation is different but Elena will definitely manage to create a sleep plan exactly for you. Trust her!

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