Tara, 6 months

And again a 6-months old baby client! Majority of my clients are of this age. Perfect time to solve sleep problems!

We got Elena’s card from our pediatrician and did not hesitate to contact her. It was the best decision!

Tara was soooooo overtired. She was awake every hour during the night. After one hour of awake time in the morning she was tired again. Then she took 3-4 hour nap to compensate for her horrible nights. It was clear for us that something was wrong here but he had no idea what to do.

The work was not easy. Tara got sick in the middle of the programme and was coughing a lot. But even being sick she managed to sleep much better than before. She was awake for 5 minutes to cough but with a bit of cuddling she managed to go back to sleep. In the mrning she was not tired any more and could easily stay up to 3 hours before her 1st nap.

Great job, Elena

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