Ulian, 6 months

Recently I finished working with a 6 months old baby Ulian. His parents are happy with the results and are ready to share the story.

We were really happy to find a sleep consultant in Luxembourg. We did not know there is one and as soon as we saw Elena’s facebook post we decided to give her a try.

Our son Ulian was sleeping really bad during the night, waking up 3-4 times. I was so tired that in spite of nice summer weather I could not go out. I simply did not have any energy left. My husband could not see me suffering any more and it was actually his decision to hire a Sleep consultant.

Our sleep plan was really clear. But because we were so tired we kept forgetting things and only because of Elena’s constant support we kept doing the right thing. Ulian’s night sleep improved very quickly. Already on the 2nd night he slept through the night!
That was fantastic. Naps were difficult to improve. Before we started the programme Ulian was sleeping only in my arms and we really needed to learn sleeping in his crib.

We value Elena’s follow up support a lot. It was really helpful to hear her reassurance when we had difficult moments.

We highly recommend her!


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