Most of my clients are around 6-months mark. Parents tell me that their baby used to sleep really well for the past months but now everything that used to work before does not work any more. For example, baby was falling asleep pretty quickly during nuring and it was no problem to put her to bed. Or it took just a couple of seconds to rock and the baby was asleep.
At around 6-months the baby becomes much more aware of the circumstances. Besides, a lot of developmental milestones are reached at this age. Babies become more mobile, some start sitting, some even crawling. At this age babies become aware of the process of falling asleep and start looking for independant sleep skills.
In my opinion. it is a sign that the baby is ready to start sleep training and for most babies it takes just a couple of nights to figure out how it works. Parents are really surprised how well it goes and how quick the baby can learn at this age.
To summon up, if you start noticing that all the sleep props that used to work brilliantly before, stop working, it is a perfect time to reach to me. Together we will develop the best strategy for your family and soon your baby will become a real sleep champion!