Life after sleep training

Let’s talk today about life after sleep training.
You had great success and your baby is finally sleeping through the night. Congratulation! You did good job!
Unfortunately, nothing in parenting is permanent. Sleep is such a sensitive issue, it can be influenced by a great number of factors. It could be travelling, sickness, teething, guests at home, developmental milestones etc. Your little one can get excited during the day with a new toy and have then difficulties falling asleep.
But there is absolutely no need to panic! Here are some tips to deal with temporal sleep regressions.
1. Acknoledge the fact that nothing is permanent. Good news is that once your child got great sleep skills it will be a lot easier to go back on track after a regression.
2. Offer a lot of comfort and reassuarance during the day. Let your child understand that you are there and you care about his feelings. If your child feels your support during the day, it will be easier for him during the night.
3. If your child has pain, do not hesitate to give Paracetomol. It is no use to torture your child the whole night. Restful sleep will help him a lot to cope with the sickness and teething.
4. Do not create new sleep associations. Otherwise, you will need to start from the beginning once the sleep regression is over.

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