Let’s talk about 3-year old children today

child-666133_640Let’s talk about 3-year old children today.
Here are some nice things which can help your little one relax and settle down for a restful sleep. Include them in your nap or bedtime routine. simply choose some points from this list and use them for every sleep situation.
1. Close physical contact
– Mild stretching or very gentle massage
– Cuddling
2. Quiet voice
– Read a book (always give your child a chance to choose one)
– Chat about the day
– Say goodning to every soft toy in the room
– Sing a goodnight song. You can even create a special goodnight song together with your child. My daughter likes to sing about her body parts telling them to relax well.
– Play relaxing music or ssounds of the nature.
– Tell your child an interesting story from your life.
3. Make a room cozy
– Hang some family photos.
– Let your child choose a soft toy to take to bed
– Use a mild night lamp. Avoid blue light
– Draw together with your child some guardian angel who will protect his/her sleep during the whole night.

Tipps for hot days

Beautiful summer days! Summer is my favourite season and we are really enjoying every single warm day!
Howerver, for some babies and small children hot weather can be a bit difficult. I have prepared some tipps for you to make hot weather easier for your child.
1. Close blinds completely as soon as the sun is shining on your side. The glass gets hot very quickly and blinds can be really helpful.
2. Open the windows early in the morning when the air is still cool outside and get some fresh air in your house.
3. Freeze some water and put the ice in your room. When the ice melts, it will cool down your room a bit.
4. Use wet towels more often during the day to wash your child’s body.
5. Give your child a cool refreshing bath before going to bed.
6. Use linen or thin cotton pyjama for the night. No sleeping bag.
Enjoy sunny days!

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a very intensive study was conducted by 13 of the top leading professionals in the field and based upon their findings, here are the new sleep guidelines for infants, children and teens.

Infants 4 to 12 months – 12 to 16 hours of sleep every 24 hours (including naps).
Children 1 to 2 years – 11 to 14 hours of sleep every 24 hours (including naps).
Children 3 to 5 years – 10 to 13 hours of sleep every 24 hours (including naps).
Children 6 to 12 years – 9 to 12 hours of sleep every 24 hours.
Teens 13 to 18 years – 8 to 10 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

Recommendations for infants younger than 4 months are not included in the new guidelines because there is such a wide range of what’s normal when it comes to newborn sleep therefore there is not adequate research to back up the guidelines for this age group according to the findings in this study.

When children get enough sleep on a regular basis, they’re likely to see benefits including better behavior, increased attention span, learning, memory, emotional regulation, and overall quality of life according to the findings of this research.

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Travelling by plane with children

Let’s talk about travelling by plain with children.
1. Accept the fact that travelling with children cannot be as relaxing as travelling alone. If before you could have spent the whole time reading your favourite book or watching a movie, now when you have children travelling will be rather hard work. But accepting this fact is a half way to a successful journey.
2. Be prepared. Take enough snacks and small games. Remember, children usually get easily distracted and cannot concentrate for a long time on 1 particular game. It would be really nice to have a variety of activities.
3. If your child wants to sleep, let him sleep even if the time is not appropriate to his ususal schedule and you worry that the rest of the day will be spoiled. Do not worry. If you go back to your routine as soon as you land, one time deviation from schedule should not cause any serious problems.

Life after sleep training

Let’s talk today about life after sleep training.
You had great success and your baby is finally sleeping through the night. Congratulation! You did good job!
Unfortunately, nothing in parenting is permanent. Sleep is such a sensitive issue, it can be influenced by a great number of factors. It could be travelling, sickness, teething, guests at home, developmental milestones etc. Your little one can get excited during the day with a new toy and have then difficulties falling asleep.
But there is absolutely no need to panic! Here are some tips to deal with temporal sleep regressions.
1. Acknoledge the fact that nothing is permanent. Good news is that once your child got great sleep skills it will be a lot easier to go back on track after a regression.
2. Offer a lot of comfort and reassuarance during the day. Let your child understand that you are there and you care about his feelings. If your child feels your support during the day, it will be easier for him during the night.
3. If your child has pain, do not hesitate to give Paracetomol. It is no use to torture your child the whole night. Restful sleep will help him a lot to cope with the sickness and teething.
4. Do not create new sleep associations. Otherwise, you will need to start from the beginning once the sleep regression is over.


Let’s talk about travelling today!
1. Try to arrange your holidays in a way that your child’s sleep is not affected. If it is not always possible to have a nap in a cot, let them sleep in the stroller. Any nap is better than no nap.
2. Do not let them stay awake too late in the evening. They can be overtired the next day and won’t be able to enjoy your planned activities.
3. Bring something from your home to make the sleep more pleasant. Some soft toy, blanket or pillow.
4. Think in advance if there is appropriate bed for your child in your hotel or appartment. If not, bring your travelcot. You can get them on amazon and they are not really expensive.
5. Do not forget about blinds. If your hotel room does not have blinds, bring your own owns. It is also possible to get them on amazon.
6. And of course do not skip your bedtime routine. After a busy day children might be really excited. Nice bedtime routine will help them to relax and go to sleep easily.

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Sleep Consultants?


Sleep Consultants? Who are they and what is so special about them?

These are 2 top questions I here almost every day from different people. I decided to devote the whole post to it and explain my work.

1. I do not give a single consultation. I work hand-to-hand with each family minimum 2 weeks. The most important is not what I write for you in your sleep plan but how exactly YOUR CHILD will react to it and how to make this plan fit exactly YOUR CHILD.

2. I do not possess exclussive knowledge which cannot be found in any book. But having read hundreds of books I can customize the knowledge for YOUR CHILD. Thus I can spare your effort to read all these books.

3. My service is expensive but it is hard work which requires a lot of commitment. EACH baby is important for me and I bear a lot of responsibility. And it is minimum 2 week process. If you think how much you earn in 2 weeks the price will not seem so surprising for you.

4. I guarantee you great improvements in your child’s sleep. I take the money only at the end of the programme because I want to be fair.

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