Let’s talk about 3-year old children today

child-666133_640Let’s talk about 3-year old children today.
Here are some nice things which can help your little one relax and settle down for a restful sleep. Include them in your nap or bedtime routine. simply choose some points from this list and use them for every sleep situation.
1. Close physical contact
– Mild stretching or very gentle massage
– Cuddling
2. Quiet voice
– Read a book (always give your child a chance to choose one)
– Chat about the day
– Say goodning to every soft toy in the room
– Sing a goodnight song. You can even create a special goodnight song together with your child. My daughter likes to sing about her body parts telling them to relax well.
– Play relaxing music or ssounds of the nature.
– Tell your child an interesting story from your life.
3. Make a room cozy
– Hang some family photos.
– Let your child choose a soft toy to take to bed
– Use a mild night lamp. Avoid blue light
– Draw together with your child some guardian angel who will protect his/her sleep during the whole night.

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