Tipps for hot days

Beautiful summer days! Summer is my favourite season and we are really enjoying every single warm day!
Howerver, for some babies and small children hot weather can be a bit difficult. I have prepared some tipps for you to make hot weather easier for your child.
1. Close blinds completely as soon as the sun is shining on your side. The glass gets hot very quickly and blinds can be really helpful.
2. Open the windows early in the morning when the air is still cool outside and get some fresh air in your house.
3. Freeze some water and put the ice in your room. When the ice melts, it will cool down your room a bit.
4. Use wet towels more often during the day to wash your child’s body.
5. Give your child a cool refreshing bath before going to bed.
6. Use linen or thin cotton pyjama for the night. No sleeping bag.
Enjoy sunny days!

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