Let’s talk about travelling today!
1. Try to arrange your holidays in a way that your child’s sleep is not affected. If it is not always possible to have a nap in a cot, let them sleep in the stroller. Any nap is better than no nap.
2. Do not let them stay awake too late in the evening. They can be overtired the next day and won’t be able to enjoy your planned activities.
3. Bring something from your home to make the sleep more pleasant. Some soft toy, blanket or pillow.
4. Think in advance if there is appropriate bed for your child in your hotel or appartment. If not, bring your travelcot. You can get them on amazon and they are not really expensive.
5. Do not forget about blinds. If your hotel room does not have blinds, bring your own owns. It is also possible to get them on amazon.
6. And of course do not skip your bedtime routine. After a busy day children might be really excited. Nice bedtime routine will help them to relax and go to sleep easily.

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